Include a Legislator in Local Section Activities

An invitation to become involved in your local section would be both an honor for a public official and an opportunity to build on your relationship with them.

Ideas include:

  • Invite a public official to speak at a local section meeting.
  • Ask a legislator or chair of the school board to present awards to students or teachers.
  • Sponsor an award for public service.
    For example, ACS regularly presents members of the federal government with a Public Service Award.
  • Hold a symposium on a public affairs topic.
  • A similar idea is to invite a public official to your Local Section’s National Chemistry Week or Chemists Celebrate Earth Day events.

Some words of advice are necessary here, because this is not as simple as it seems.


  1. Set a date
  • Start with a flexible date in mind
  • Best if date coincides with legislator break.
    OPA can help with this, or check online.
  1. Invite the Legislator
  • Send, via fax, an invitation
    Summarize Who, What, When & Where | Sample Invitation Letter
  • Include a copy of any past/present publicity or recognition you have received regarding a similar event.
  • Follow-up with phone call to district office
  • Most likely will need to resend letter
  1. Have a back-up
  • Legislator’s schedules often change, so establish an emergency back up even if they have been confirmed.
  1. Follow up afterwards