National Chemistry Week or Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

Invite your elected representatives to attend your Local Section’s public outreach activities.

These policy activities can piggy-back on programs your local section already does well.


  1. Invite your elected representatives as you plan the event.
  • Fax invitations to all of your elected representatives.
    Summarize Who, What, When & Where. | Sample Invitation Letter
  • Include a copy of any past/present publicity or recognition you have. received regarding your National Chemistry Week or other events.
  • Follow up with phone call to district office.
  • You will most likely need to resend letter.
  1. Plan ahead.
  • Make sure that if legislators attends, they can perform experiments, talk to the audience, and use this as an opportunity for photographs.
  • Make sure that you can also use it as an opportunity for photographs.
  1. Follow up.

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