Legislative Action Network

What is the Legislative Action Network?

The American Chemical Society is committed to keeping its members informed of legislation that may impact the chemical enterprise and to bringing the expertise of ACS members to bear on science policy. The Legislative Action Network is the Society's electronic grassroots program for updating members on federal legislation and facilitating contact with members of Congress. The network focuses primarily on federal science education and R&D policy, but also addresses environment, workplace, and competitiveness issues.

How does the program work?

Roughly eight times per year, network members receive timely Legislative Action Alerts via e-mail urging them to contact their legislators on issues of concern to ACS members. The Alerts will include:

  • Background and status of the issue
  • ACS position
  • Legislator contact information
  • Sample letters

What are the benefits?

  • Monthly Legislative Bulletins: Brief e-mail updates of key federal issues
  • Immediate notification of hot issues via Legislative Action Alerts
  • Access to our new web-based Legislative Action Center
  • The opportunity to impact national issues integral to the chemical enterprise