FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 04, 2009

New Bytesize Science video podcasts for kids and teens

WASHINGTON, February 4, 2009 -- The American Chemical Society (ACS) is giving its popular kid- and teen-friendly podcast, Bytesize Science, an upgrade with the debut today of the first video episode, available at

The new video podcast focuses on what goes on inside the bug-eating pitcher plant, Nepenthes alata, as this carnivore of the botanical world digests its meals. Debuting with the video podcast is a new blog devoted to Bytesize Science, also found at New episodes of the Bytesize video podcasts will be posted the first Wednesday of every month. New episodes of the audio podcast will appear bi-weekly.

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Michael Bernstein


Michael Woods


Downloaded thousands of times each month, Bytesize Science
translates cutting-edge scientific discoveries from ACS’
34 peer-reviewed journals and Chemical & Engineering News
into stories for young listeners about science, health,
medicine, energy, food, and other topics. Among the
organizations that have recommended Bytesize Science are
the National Science Teacher’s Association, the National
Education Association, and the U. S. Environmental Protection

Bytesize Science is produced by the ACS Office of Public Affairs.
The podcasts are directed and hosted by Adam Dylewski.
The video podcasts are edited and produced by Janali Thompson.

Scenes from the Bytesize Science video podcast
Credit: American Chemical Society