FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 16, 2010

ACS unveils three new displays of the online tables of contents for journals and other products

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2010 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) has announced three dynamic new displays of the online Tables of Contents (TOC) across all ACS journals, ACS Symposium Series Books, and Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Archives TOC pages. The new features, labeled “Grid View,” “Abstract Viewer,” and “Print View,” are now available to the global audience of scientists that use the ACS Web Editions platform to publish their highest quality research and keep current within their discipline.

Many ACS journals, including ACS’ flagship title, the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), currently feature more than 100 new articles within the Articles ASAPSM (As Soon As Publishable), and several dozen within each issue. Feedback from readers and editors signal that the standard list interface was not allowing for the quick scanning and browsing of new research results, something that was more easily accomplished in a print TOC environment.

To address these concerns, the ACS Grid View — first tested and developed on the JACS Beta website — now enables readers to quickly scan the titles, authors, and graphical abstracts from ACS articles posted to any issue or ASAP ArticleSM listing. One click on any grid listing reveals another innovative feature — a quick view layer for thumbing through ACS abstracts and graphical abstracts for each of the articles within that TOC, without leaving the page. Links to full text options, supporting information files, and the citation download tool are also offered within the Abstract Viewer.

ACS’ new Print View option is a streamlined view of article titles appearing within any table of contents page, just as readers had been accustomed to seeing within the print versions of ACS Journals. Using this feature the reader has the option to quickly print the issue’s contents, and can choose to insert the corresponding graphical abstract images in small or large form next to each article listing.

“With an increase in reader preference for rich electronic journal content, users want the ability to browse article listings easily within an issue, much like the serendipity and ease-of-use associated with the print Table of Contents experience,” said Brandon Nordin, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Web Strategy. “Similarly, the recent introduction of the ACS Mobile application has led to a renewed interest in tools that allow readers to keep current with new publications from a select group of research journals. ACS Grid View and the related abstract layer feature aim to address both of these needs.”

More information, including screen shots and a video demonstration of the new features, is available at The new three-button display can be found on all TOC pages on the ACS Web Editions platform.

The ACS Publications Division currently publishes 38 leading peer-reviewed journals in the chemical and related sciences, including the flagship Journal of the American Chemical Society, as well as C&EN, the Society’s weekly newsmagazine.


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