American Chemical Society names Fellows for 2014

WASHINGTON, July 16, 2014 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) has named the 2014 class of ACS Fellows, which includes 99 scientists who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in chemistry and made important contributions to ACS, the world’s largest scientific society. They represent a wide range of disciplines and geographic locations, from 30 of the Society’s technical divisions, 57 local sections and 23 national committees.

The 2014 Fellows will be recognized at the ACS Fellows Ceremony and Reception on Monday, August 11, 2014, during the Society’s 248th National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco. At the ceremony, which will be held 2-4:30 p.m. at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Grand Ballroom B, each Fellow will receive a lapel pin and a certificate.

“The scientists selected as this year’s class of ACS fellows are truly a dedicated group,” said ACS President Tom Barton, Ph.D. “Their outstanding contributions to advancing chemistry through service to the Society are many. In their quest to improve people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry, they are helping us to fulfill the vision of the American Chemical Society.”

The ACS Fellows Program was created by the ACS Board of Directors in December 2008 “to recognize members of ACS for outstanding achievements in and contributions to Science, the Profession and the Society.”

The official list of names appears in the July 14, 2014, issue of Chemical & Engineering News. List of all ACS Fellows (2009-2014) that can be organized by name and institution.

Below is a list of Fellows and their institutions:

  • Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Natalie L. McClure
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine, John S. Blanchard
  • AstraZeneca (Retired), Edward N. Walsh
  • Bayer CropScience, Laura L. McConnell
  • Bryn Mawr College, Frank B. Mallory
  • California Institute of Technology, Jacqueline K. Barton
  • CatAssays and Eastman Kodak Company Research Laboratories (Retired), Henry J. Gysling
  • Chemtura Corporation, Anne DeMasi
  • Chevron Oronite Company (Retired), Paul F. Vartanian
  • Chicago Council on Science and Technology, Alan Schriesheim
  • City University of Hong Kong, Istvan T. Horvath
  • Colorado School of Mines, Kent J. Voorhees
  • Colorado School of Mines and National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Ryan M. Richards
  • Colorado State University, Nancy E. Levinger
  • Columbia Basin College and Washington State University Tri-Cities, Karen E. Grant
  • Cornell University, Emmanuel P. Giannelis
  • Cornell University, Ralph B. Stuart
  • Dow AgroSciences, Kenneth D. Racke
  • Dow Corning Corporation, Janet M. Smith
  • Eastern Michigan University, Jamil Baghdachi
  • Eastman Kodak Company (Retired), Robert S. Moore
  • EHS Strategies, Inc., Georjean L. Adams
  • Eli Lilly and Company, Christina Bodurow
  • Eli Lilly and Company, David Mitchell
  • Eli Lilly and Company, Dawn A. Brooks
  • Fliesler, Dubb, Meyer and Lovejoy (Retired), Hubert E. Dubb
  • Florida Department of Citrus (Retired), Béla S. Buslig
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Vladimir Tsukruk
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Younan Xia
  • Green Science Policy Institute, Alex Madonik
  • Greenwich High School (Retired), Ron Perkins
  • Harvard University, David A. Evans
  • Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, Laura E. Slocum
  • IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Qinghuang Lin
  • INEOS Technologies, James F. Brazdil
  • James Madison University, Linette M. Watkins
  • Johns Hopkins University, Kenneth D. Karlin
  • Kraft Foods Group, Jane V. Leland
  • Lehigh University (Emeritus), Natalie Foster
  • Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute and University of Southern California, G. K. Surya Prakash
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, Donivan Robert Porterfield
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rebecca M. Chamberlin
  • McNeese State University, Ron W. Darbeau
  • Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York, Hiroko Ito Karan
  • Medical University of South Carolina, Patrick M. Woster
  • Michigan State University, Robert E. Maleczka, Jr.
  • Morgan State University, Victor R. McCrary
  • NASA Glenn Research Center, Mary V. Zeller
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Kathryn L. Beers
  • New York University, Marc Anton Walters
  • ORAU, Arlene A. Garrison
  • Oregon State University, Kevin P. Gable
  • Oregon State University, Robert J. McGorrin
  • Penn State University, Semih Eser
  • Polaroid Corporation (Retired), Myron S. Simon
  • RTI International, F. Ivy Carroll
  • RTI International, Radhakrishna M. Jayanty
  • Rutgers University, Kathryn Uhrich
  • Stony Brook University, Stephen A. Koch
  • Suffolk University (Emeritus), Doris Ingram Lewis
  • The Carver Law Firm, LLC, James C. Carver
  • The Dow Chemical Company, Carolyn Ribes
  • The Lubrizol Corporation, Jody A. Kocsis
  • The Pennsylvania State University (Emeritus), Roy A. Olofson
  • The University of Texas Pan American, Sadiq Shah
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Agnes M. Rimando
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture, Eastern Regional Research Center (Emeritus), Kevin Hicks
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Retired), Judith Ann Summers-Gates
  • University at Albany, SUNY, Eric Block
  • University at Buffalo, John P. Richard
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (Emeritus), Larry K. Krannich
  • University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, T. Don Tilley
  • University of California, Davis, Debbie M. Decker
  • University of California, Davis, Marilyn M. Olmstead
  • University of California, Los Angeles, Arlene A. Russell
  • University of Central Florida, Florida Solar Energy Center (Retired), Darlene K. Slattery
  • University of Colorado Boulder, Daniel K. Schwartz
  • University of Connecticut, Cato T. Laurencin
  • University of Delaware, Eric M. Furst
  • University of Delaware, Kristi L. Kiick
  • University of Florida, Adrian E. Roitberg
  • University of Houston, Richard C. Willson
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Donald J. Wink
  • University of Maine, Mitchell R. M. Bruce
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, Todd Emrick
  • University of Michigan, Theodore Goodson III
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Carol A. Fierke
  • University of Minnesota, Mark D. Distefano
  • University of Missouri– Saint Louis, Keith J. Stine
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas, Pradip K. Bhowmik
  • University of Northern Colorado (Emeritus), Loretta Jones
  • University of Texas at Austin, Hung-wen Liu
  • University of Washington (Emeritus), Gary D. Christian
  • Washington State University, Kirk A. Peterson
  • Wayne State University, Stephanie L. Brock
  • West Virginia University, Dady Dadyburjor
  • Western Research Institute, John F. Schabron
  • Yale University, Paul T. Anastas
  • Yonsei University, Jinwoo Cheo

The American Chemical Society is a nonprofit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. With more than 161,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

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