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National Chemistry Week 2009: “Chemistry – It’s Elemental!”

National Chemistry Week 2009: Episode 49 – Ninth grade CEO Anshul Samar, the Elementeo Kid
While many kids his age mow lawns or babysit to earn spending money,
Anshul Samar tried something different. He invented a game. And not just
any game. It’s called Elementeo and it’s all about the chemical elements.
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National Chemistry Week 2009: Episode 48 – Sunshine Science: Green Chemistry and Solar Energy

Did you know that Earth’s greenest and largest source of energy is 93 million miles away? You guessed it. We’re talking about the sun.
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National Chemistry Week 2009: Episode 47 – Titanium on the Cranium

Titanium doesn’t just have a cool name – its one of the most useful elements out there! It’s what makes your bikefeel so lightweight. It’s in the sunscreen that helps prevent sunburn. It’s even in fireworks – titanium makes them go boom! Find out more about this amazing element in the second podcast in our four-part series celebrating National Chemistry Week.
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National Chemistry Week 2009: Episode 46 – It’s elemental! Everything is in the Atoms Family
To celebrate National Chemistry Week, we’ll be learning about some of the most fascinating elements out there. But first, let’s start with atoms, the tiny building blocks that make up everything in the universe.
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Episode 45 – New memory that can hold music and photos for a BILLION years

Scientists have created memory that can hold music, videos and photos
for more than one billion years!
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Episode 44 – Tales of the Trojan horse drug and the miracle dogs

Dogs are man’s — and woman’s — best friend. And in many ways, humans are also dog’s best friend. When it comes to fighting cancer, however, humans and dogs turn out be an unbeatable team.
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Episode 43 – Presto! Fast color-changing material may lead to better sunglasses
Find out how color-changing sunglasses work, and how a team of
scientists in Japan have figured out a way to make sunglasses work
even better.
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Episode 42 – A Colorful New Weapon in the Battle of the Bugs

New weapons in the Battle of the Bugs can be really important for soldiers fighting in areas of the world infested with the most dangerous kinds of bugs. One potential new weapon involves fluorescent feces.
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Episode 41 – Painting superbugs into a corner

Scientists have come up with a unique new paint that literally paints germs into a corner, a corner where they can’t escape.
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Episode 40 – New nanogenerator may charge iPods and cell phones with a wave of the hand

A team of scientists have developed technology that produces energy from
simple movements. Imagine if all you had to do to charge your iPod or cell
phone was to wave your hand stretch your arm or take a walk?
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Episode 39 – The buzz on career changes in bees

You’ve probably heard that the U.S. economy isn’t doing so hot. We’re in a recession — a pretty big one at that — and there are many adults out there that have lost their jobs and are facing a big career change. It turns out that these folks might learn a helpful lesson from honey bees.
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Episode 38 – Clothing to crow about: Jeans of wheat and feather dresses

Imagine waking up tomorrow and throwing on some clothes made from chicken feathers. It might sound like a strange dream. But in reality, clothing made from feathers, wheat, and other renewable materials could be on store shelves in the future.
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Episode 37 – Catching some rays with the butterfly’s solar panels

Find out what insect has its own solar panels!
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Episode 36 – Hold that tissue: Allergy help may be on the way

German chemists have developed a way to tell people with allergies exactly what kind of pollen is in the air, instantly, and how much there is flying around. The test could help people avoid high levels of pollen that trigger allergies.
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Episode 35 – Chemical Magic in the Mouth

It’s not a pleasant thought, but you’ve got billions of tiny critters living in
your mouth. An entire ecosystem of bacteria live in there, and many of
them have important roles in chewing and digestion. Now, scientists have
found that bacteria in the mouth play a role in creating the distinctive
flavors of certain foods.
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Episode 34 – A “smart yarn”: clothing with a brain

Sweatpants, blue jeans and T-shirts with a brain? It sounds difficult to imagine, but scientists are now working to make these unusual kinds of clothing a reality.
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Episode 33 – Healthy make-over: Food coloring goes natural

Santa might soon leave candy canes and holiday cookies that are a little duller, but better for your health as food color manufacturers go natural. That’s because food manufacturers worldwide are increasingly turning to more natural colors in an effort to replace brightly-colored yet potentially harmful artificial colorings now used in some foods and beverages.
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