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Annual Reporting

Why should I file an annual report? 

  • To review your activities during the past year, evaluate your programs, and highlight areas for possible growth
  • To communicate your accomplishments in relation to the overall goals of ACS to the Local Section Activities Committee (LSAC), Division Activities Committee (DAC), or International Activities Committee (IAC)
  • To keep a record of current experiences for the benefit of future leaders in your local section, division, or international chapter
  • To share successes to assist other local sections, divisions, and international chapters in program and activity planning
  • To self-nominate for ChemLuminary awards
  • To meet the requirement to receive your annual allotment
  • To fulfill requirements in the ACS Constitution and Bylaws

How do I file?

Submit your annual reports online:

ACS Community Connection is a web-based application that allows local section, technical division, and international chapter officers to complete and submit their annual reports online. .

Local section, technical division, and international chapter chairs, chair-elects, secretaries, treasurers and councilors will be granted access to Community Connection. Chairs can request access for additional users by contacting

Who prepares the annual report?

Completing the annual report requires a coordinated effort by various volunteer members of governance. The steps in preparing the report, along with roles and responsibilities are:

  1. Executive committee and councilors consult to assign responsibilities for completing annual report forms, event summaries, and ChemLuminary award nomiations
  2. Treasurers assures the Financial Report is complete and accurate
  3. Chair assures the Annual Report is complete and approves the report submission
  4. Annual Report is submitted online to ACS by the:
    • Councilor (Local Sections)
    • Chair or Councilor (Technical Divisions)
    • Chair (International Chapters)