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Division Name Change Procedure

1. The Executive Committee of the division, with appropriate input from members, selects the name.

2. The name is approved by vote of the members of the division consistent with the division’s bylaws

3. Upon approval by the members, the Executive Committee submits the new name to DAC, along with sufficient explanation and rationale for the change, the certified results of the member vote,  assurances the vote was faithful to the division’s bylaws, and the proposed date for the change to take effect.

4. Members of DAC discuss the name change request via the appropriate subcommittee and by presentation to the committee as a whole.

5. If DAC concludes the division has not complied with the requirements set out in 1-3 above, it will stop the process and report the deficiency to the petitioning division for rectification.

6. If the name change process procedure was properly executed to-date, DAC sends the proposed name to all divisions for discussion, comments, and recommendations.

7. Each division must send its recommendation to DAC in writing (soft copy communications are permissible) within a specified time period, stating support, opposition, or neutrality.  In the instance of opposition, reasons should be provided. DAC will serve as the facilitator of discussions that result if divisions express concerns about the new name. The division requesting the name change will be kept fully informed and be a partner in all such discussions.

8. DAC will present the petition for Council action, along with a report on the views of the divisions to the proposed name change. DAC may or may not include a recommendation supporting Council approval of the petition.

9. The name will become official upon approval by Council, though the effective date will vary depending on the relevant details in the petition.

10. If Council fails to approve the name change, DAC will not resubmit the same (or similar) motion request to Council for consideration for the four immediately following ACS Council meetings.

Note: At any time prior to Council voting on the name change, the petitioning division reserves the right to remove the matter from consideration.

Approved by DAC in March 2014