Cosponsorship agreements with other national and international scientific and technical societies

The American Chemical Society encourages pursuit of joint activities in areas of mutual interest with other national and international scientific and technical societies and organizations that advance the goals of ACS. All cosponsorship agreements involving an ACS division must be approved by the ACS Executive Director. To expedite approval of your proposed cosponsorship agreement, please submit a copy to the Office of Division Programs for review before it is signed.

Completed agreements should be sent to American Chemical Society, Office of the Secretary, 1155 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036, for approval from the ACS Executive Director. Agreement checklists should be used when completing cooperative and nominal cosponsorship agreements to ensure that all pertinent information is included to avoid delay in processing the request. If you have any questions, please contact Office of the Secretary,

Two types of cosponsorships are outlined in ACS Bylaw VI, Sec. 3:

  • Cooperative cosponsorships where the Society or one or more of its technical divisions in collaboration with other organizations jointly arranges the event, contributes to its programming and may share financial responsibilities.
  • Nominal cosponsorship where the Society or one or more of its technical divisions lends its name and symbol as a cosponsor but has no involvement in the programming and no financial obligations.

Cosponsorship of an ACS National Meeting symposium does not entitle the technical division or scientific organization to any share of the net proceeds from the meeting and exposition nor to complimentary exposition space.

Cosponsorship agreements between ACS divisions and committees*

ACS Divisions and committees are no longer required to have a formal written agreement among the cosponsoring groups. However, all groups must agree before-hand who is the primary sponsor, and if there are any financial obligations. It is highly recommended that the cosponsoring parties draw up a written agreement, especially if there are any financial implications. See sample agreement below.

*There can only be ONE primary sponsor of a symposium.

ACS Meetings & Expos

Technical Programming Consponsorship* Agreement

*Two or more divisions, committees or secretariats sharing the organizational work and financial responsibility and benefits for one symposium.

Copies of this agreement should be distributed to each of the cosponsoring groups.


Indicate Detailed Responsibilities for Each Participant:

Primary Sponsor
  • will setup templates for MAPS, grade abstracts, schedule papers, communicate with speakers, submit final program
  • will manage expenses for the symposium
  • has publishing rights and royalties
  • will complete necessary guest registration paperwork


  • will provide input for selecting keynote speaker
  • will suggest potential speakers
  • will assist with publicity efforts in print and online
  • agree not to program opposite the cosponsored symposium

Attach additional sheet if necessary with:

  • Primary sponsor signature, Affiliation, Date
  • Cosponsor signature, Affiliation, Date
  • Cosponsor signature, Affiliation, Date