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Room Assignment Factors

  • Oral sessions of each division are accommodated in one physical location/property and as close to each other as possible.
  • Each division arrange technical sessions by Day, Time and Room within the pre-assigned technical session room allotment provided by ACS Staff.
  • Each division is located as close to the Convention Center as possible to encourage convenient access to Registration, Exposition, Career resources, and Membership resources.
  • ACS logistics staff accommodates preferences as much as possible, given space constraints.
  • Division technical sessions are scheduled first, with special events, committees, and other meeting events using the remaining space.
  • Specialty events of divisions, committees, board of directors, ACS staff offices, and other special programming must also be accommodated near division symposia (social events, receptions/meals, poster sessions, business meetings, governance meetings).
  • Poster sessions are located on the basis of space availability/floor plans.
  • Presidential Events will be scheduled according to the requests of the president and/or within the appropriate division or committee program.