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April/May 2015

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  • Smartphones, Smart Chemistry
  • Left Life? Right Life? Chirality in Action*
  • Parabens: A Source of Concern?*
  • Venoms: From Lethal to Life-Saving*
  • The Skinny on Fats*

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Be Smart—Recycle that Old Cell Phone!

By Brian Rohrig

What should you do with your cell phone when it dies? Recycling it offers both economic and environmental benefits.

One of the main reasons smartphones are so “smart” is their chemistry. Smartphones contain at least 70 chemical elements, the displays are very strong thanks to hardened glass, and their touchscreens are made of materials that are sensitive to the touch of a finger.

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How does a molecule with the same molecular formula affect whether a rose smells sweet or stinky? It's all about chirality. Watch this ACS Reactions video to learn all about it. You can also read about chirality in the April issue of ChemMatters (“Left Life? Right Life? Chirality in Action”).

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