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ChemMatters is an educational magazine containing fascinating articles on hot topics for teenagers. By demystifying the chemistry behind a subject—be it barbecue, perfume, or nutrition labels—our articles explain the connection between the chemistry teenagers learn in school and the world around them. ChemMatters is used by thousands of teachers across the United States as a complement to textbook.

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April/May 2014

Solar Energy in Our Everyday Lives

Water Conflicts Around the World

...And Much More!

Open for Discussion: Water Conflicts

By Barbara Sitzman and Regis Goode

Freshwater resources are limited worldwide, leading to conflicts over ownership and use of fresh water.

solar backpack

A Solar Future

By Justin Warner

An increasing number of everyday items are powered with the sun, including backpacks, watches, cars, and airplanes. Also, electricity-generating solar power plants may become an alternative to coal-fired power plants and natural gas power stations in the future.
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