Food and Cooking Chemistry

ChemClub Cookbook
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Want to learn some chemistry? Look no further than your kitchen! The links below offer hands-on activities, articles, videos, and webinars to help you dsicover the science of making food items such as cheese, bread, ice cream, and more.

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  • Cooking with Chemistry
    Chemistry educator David Katz’s website offers a long list of food-related activities, including making homemade butter, cheese, dry ice root beer, and candy.
  • Naked Scientists Kitchen Science—When to add the milk?
    What’s the best time to add milk to tea? Listen to this podcast to find out.
  • Terrific Science: Foods & Flavors Experiments
    Try these cool experiments from Terrific Science: analyze sugars in soft drinks, determine Bradford protein in milk, do an infrared analysis of piperine in black pepper, extract fat from French fries.
  • Kitchen Chemistry: Fun Food Activities and Experiments
    This guide presents multiple activities aimed at 3–5 year olds you could use for an outreach project. It also includes a list of picture books related to food that can be used to supplement the activities.

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