Food and Cooking Chemistry

ChemClub Cookbook
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Want to learn some chemistry? Look no further than your kitchen! The links below offer hands-on activities, articles, videos, and webinars to help you dsicover the science of making food items such as cheese, bread, ice cream, and more.

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  • ACS Store—ChemClub Cookbook
    The ACS ChemClub Cookbook is available for purchase through the ACS online store. It contains recipes to try from ChemClubs along with scientific background on ingredients and experiments with food for the laboratory.
  • ACS National Chemistry Week "Get Cooking with Chemistry"
    This ACS National Chemistry Week publication features hands-on activities on mystery powders, baking powder, yeast, and cheese.
  • ACS National Chemistry Week "Health and Wellness"
    Learn from hands-on activities on food and healthy eating in this ACS National Chemistry Week publication.
  • Food Science at Steve Spangler Science
    Find links to food science activities located on a range of topics, including homemade ice cream, making a “folding” egg, and shrinking chip bags.

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  • Cooking with Chemistry
    Chemistry educator David Katz’s website offers a long list of food-related activities, including making homemade butter, cheese, dry ice root beer, and candy.
  • Naked Scientists Kitchen Science—When to add the milk?
    What’s the best time to add milk to tea? Listen to this podcast to find out.
  • Terrific Science: Foods & Flavors Experiments
    Try these cool experiments from Terrific Science: analyze sugars in soft drinks, determine Bradford protein in milk, do an infrared analysis of piperine in black pepper, extract fat from French fries.
  • Kitchen Chemistry: Fun Food Activities and Experiments
    This guide presents multiple activities aimed at 3–5 year olds you could use for an outreach project. It also includes a list of picture books related to food that can be used to supplement the activities.

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