Global community building: Thoughts and insights from ACS President Donna Nelson

ACS President Donna Nelson shares insights on building bridges and trust through global communities to further scientific exchange.

ACS 2016 National Elections Results

ACS 2016 National Elections Results

Molecule of the Week

I fight staph with staph.

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A bicyclic monomer with an epoxide and a thiolactone ring connected by a urethane bond is used to synthesize amino acid–functional polyelectrolytes.


Remove Pb from H2O
A carboxylated montmorillonite–carbon adsorbent efficiently removes lead(II) ions from aqueous solution. Adsorption is optimal at pH ≈5 and 40 ºC.

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Pharma Year in Review
Millionaires, mergers, mosquitos, and more made for big stories in 2016.

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