Global community building: Thoughts and insights from ACS President Donna Nelson

ACS President Donna Nelson shares insights on building bridges and trust through global communities to further scientific exchange.

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I’m a useful reagent when other ones fail.

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C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

From Bark to Pill Bottle?
Crepe jasmine bark is used as an analgesic in traditional Chinese medicine. Here’s a total synthesis of its active ingredient, (+)-conolidine.

Journal of Organic Chemistry

PENning a Biomarker
Metabolites of the fungicide penconazole (PEN) were found in farm workers’ urine. The metabolite PEN-OH is proposed as a biomarker for PEN exposure.

Chemical Research in Toxicology

Pressure is on the U.S. to Relax Marijuana’s Legal Status
Proponents argue move would advance medical research, ensure safety of products that are legal in some states.

Chemical & Engineering News