Molecule of the Week

I may help treat a terrible disease—or not.

What molecule am I?

C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

Screening Seafood for Drugs
This LC-MS method makes it possible to screen for multiple veterinary drug residues in fish, shrimp, and eel farmed for human consumption.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Chalcogens against Cancer
[1]Ferrocenophanes ([1]FCPs) are ferrocenes that contain a one-atom bridge. Calculations show that carbon-bridged [1]FCPs should be stable enough to isolate.

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

World Chemical Outlook 2017
In the U.S. and Asia, industry executives are once again calling for a good year ahead. Given the political uncertainty roiling much of the world, they would be wise to have a “plan B” at hand.

Chemical & Engineering News