2016 Highlights of ACS Achievements

An annual report from Thomas Connelly
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
American Chemical Society

Molecule of the Week

Look at me with a jaundiced eye. 

What molecule am I?

C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

Food Aroma Chemometrics
The application of chemometrics and the use of various instruments to detect and quantify the aroma components of fresh and processed foods are reviewed.

Chemical Reviews

Dibismuthene and Distibene
A dibismuthene (RBi=BiR) and a distibene (RSb=SbR) were prepared by reducing the corresponding Bi and Sb dibromides. There were no inorganic salt byproducts.


Hungering for Obesity Treatments
Will understanding the complex molecular signals involved in hunger yield better obesity drugs?

Chemical & Engineering News