Molecules of the Week

You won’t find much of us in your supermarket’s tomatoes.

What molecules are we?

C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

Photocatalytic Water Cleanup
Visible-light photocatalytic nanocrystals made from Zn1–xCdxS (x = 0.1–0.9) solid solutions split water into H2, which then reduces aqueous nitroaromatic pollutants.

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

Biomembrane Force Fields
Using molecular dynamics simulations, the authors tackled the difficult study of force fields of protein–lipid interactions at biomembrane interfaces.

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

War Gas Destruction Model
Pyrolysis is the best method for destroying stockpiles of the chemical weapon nitrogen mustard gas [(ClCH2CH2)3N]. Here is a kinetic model of this process.

Journal of Physical Chemistry A