ACS Leadership Development

The ACS Leadership Development Program is your opportunity to learn essential skills to strengthen your competitive edge in today’s global economy. The Program is geared toward developing proven core competencies for outstanding leadership, including:

  • Self-awareness
  • Fostering Effective Teams
  • Managing to Results
  • Organizational Strategy and Operations
  • Effective Communication

In addition to a suite of in-person and online workshops, the Program offers an annual, invite-only conference for ACS leaders and strategic planning retreats for ACS governance groups.

ACS Leadership Development Courses

This suite of workshops provides you with an opportunity to take workshops in a face-to-face setting as well as online (24/7).

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Leadership Institute

An annual invitation-only conference where ACS leaders come together to learn both management and leadership skills.

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Strategic Planning Retreats for ACS Governance Groups

1-1/2 day facilitated Strategic Planning Retreats for ACS committees, local sections, divisions and other interested governance groups. 

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Why Leadership Development is Important to the ACS and its Members

This suite of courses provides you with an opportunity to take courses in a face-to-face setting as well as online (24/7).

Become an ACS Leadership Development System Facilitator

ACS Leadership Development facilitators are ACS volunteer members that have been certified to facilitate courses within the ACS Leadership Development curriculum. This is a volunteer opportunity without financial compensation, except for reimbursement for expenses related to course facilitation. Facilitators undergo a training program before they are certified. Once certified, facilitators are asked to commit to facilitating at least one course per year.

Please submit a brief biographical sketch that emphasizes your experiences that relate to course facilitation and complete the form if you are interested in becoming a facilitator. 

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