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A science podcast about things small in size but big in impact. Every other Wednesday, join hosts Sam Jones and Deboki Chakravarti as they unpack the little things that make the big things in our world (both good and bad) possible.

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In this episode of Tiny Show and Tell Us, we cover a recent story about how spending time outdoors can help keep kids from becoming nearsighted and the mysterious absence of skeletons at the site of the Battle of Waterloo despite over 10,000 soldiers dying (and how the beet sugar industry may have played a gruesome role).

Want your Tiny Show and Tell featured? Email tinymatters@acs.org with some science news you’re itching to share, a cool science factoid you love telling friends about, or maybe even a personal science story. In every 'Tiny Show and Tell Us' episode, we’ll read your emails out loud and then go a bit deeper into the tiny science of it all. 


Sam Jones, PhD

Sam Jones, PhD

Science Writer & Exec Producer

Deboki Chakravarti, PhD

Deboki Chakravarti, PhD

Science Writer & Co-Host

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