Act4Chemistry Legislative Action Network

ACS Member Advocacy Volunteer Program

If you want to stay informed and weigh in on high-priority issues that may impact the chemical enterprise, Act4Chemistry is the place to get started.

What is Act4Chemistry?

  • ACS’ legislative network with 15,000+ members.
  • Suite of tools and programs that provides support to individual members, local sections, state committees, and other groups.
  • An easy way to advocate for chemistry and takes only minutes to join!

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External Affairs & Communications

Take Action Individually

Action Center

Contacting your elected officials has never been easier! Send a message to them on pre-selected issues or compose your own message.

Take Action with Advocacy Groups

Work with other members in ACS Local Sections or State Government Affairs groups to plan and carry out face-to-face meetings with legislators at the state and federal levels.

Local Section Government Affairs Committees (GACs)
Facilitates interaction between members and legislators. GACs engage primarily in federal policy.

State Government Affairs
Allows members to help impact state legislation and programs to advance science.

If you're interested in learning more about how to get involved at the state or federal level, email

Current Issues & Activities

Federal Science Funding at Risk
Find out the impact of budget cuts on science R&D and how to prepare yourself to talk about this important issue.

Tools & Resources

How to Plan Activities
Find tips and advice for speaking to lawmakers.

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