Act4Chemistry Legislative Action Network

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If you want to stay informed and weigh in on high-priority issues that may impact the chemical enterprise, Act4Chemistry is the place to get started.

What is Act4Chemistry?

  • ACS’ legislative network with 15,000+ members.
  • Suite of tools and programs that provides support to individual members, local sections, state committees, and other groups.
  • An easy way to advocate for chemistry and takes only minutes to join!

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Contacting your elected officials has never been easier! Send a message to them on pre-selected issues or compose your own message.

Current Issues & Activities

Federal Science Funding at Risk
Find out the impact of budget cuts on science R&D and how to prepare yourself to talk about this important issue.

Tools & Resources

How to Plan Activities
Find tips and advice for speaking to lawmakers.

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Participate in other ACS volunteer and outreach opportunities.

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Discover more ways and communication tools to help you spread the word out about chemistry in your community.