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Talk about your work and share your experiences to demonstrate the value of science and its impact.  Learn how to build effective messages, know when to act, and who to contact. 

Stay informed. Make an Impact. Join Forces.

Speak up on high-priority issues that may impact the chemical enterprise. 

Share your concern and knowledge as a responsible citizen and scientist with legislators.  Inform policies that affect the public and your profession and educate Members of Congress, they want to know your opinion. 

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Member have access to a suite of tools, instructions, and programs that provides support to individual members, local sections, state committees, and other groups to find, prepare, and connect with policymakers.

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ACS Climate Change Advocacy Workshop

The purpose of this free, online, and interactive workshop is for participants to learn how to effectively advocate for climate change action on the federal level. 

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ACS Chemistry Advocacy Workshop

The ACS Chemistry Advocacy Program is designed to help ACS members passionate about science and chemistry advocacy maximize Society resources through in-person workshops or this on-demand course.

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