ACS Public Policy Fellowships

Applications for the 2025-2026 Public Policy Fellowships will open
November 15, 2024


Make an Impact. Make a Difference

Apply your knowledge and skills to address society’s present day challenges with lawmakers.

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ACS Congressional Fellowship

Program places two fellows each year as staff members in the office of a Senator, Representative, or Committee as an one-year opportunity.

Provide policy-makers with high quality information on science-related issues and educate scientists on how government works and how science policy is made.

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ACS Science Policy Fellowship

Program places one Science Policy Fellow (SPF) with the ACS Government Affairs team for one-year opportunity that is renewable for a second year.

Get a deeper understanding of how scientists and scientific organizations participate in public affairs through broad exposure to a range of policy topics and federal agencies

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Why be a Fellow?

From environmental sustainability to homeland security, policy-makers make decisions that require input from and have impact on the chemical community. 

Policy-makers need high quality information on science-related issues to inform public policy. 

Trained scientists often lack the opportunity and expertise to successfully engage in the policy process.  The program provides an opportunity to educate scientists on how government works and how science policy is made.

ACS Fellowship applications will reopen November 15, 2024 for the 2025-2026 cycle. See the Program qualifications for more information. 


Benefits of Being a Fellow

  • An intensive two-week orientation provides an overview of the federal policy-making process and establishes context for the Fellowship positions.
  • Ongoing professional development and support activities, including educational seminars and networking opportunities, continue throughout the program.
  • ACS Fellows receive a stipend and allowances for relocation, travel and health insurance. These differ for the two programs.
  • Visit AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships website for more information.

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