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Middle School Chemistry Lesson Plans

Big Ideas about the very small

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Periodic Table Elements 1-20

Videos, illustrations, and information about the first 20 elements of the periodic table.

*Part of Lesson 4.2

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Middle School Chemistry

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Hands-on experiences designed to engage students and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts

Simulations & Videos

Interactive animations used in lesson plans to help students understand scientific concepts on the molecular level

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Designed to guide students to record their observations, draw pictures, answer questions, and form conclusions

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I now have engaging activities that do not require a full lab, which I do not have. Not only that, the way it is presented is so easily followed. …This site is very linear and easy to follow.

Dan Smith
Public School Teacher

I really enjoy using these lessons with my students. They break down the information in a very understandable way. The hands-on activities are engaging and useful. My students are loving this, and so am I!

Jana Berman
Private School Teacher

We are homeschooling and his favorite subject is chemistry! … The most wonderful thing is to hear my son explain the concepts he has learned with his younger siblings.

Chaya Levitz
Homeschooling Parent

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