Online Assignments

Supplement in-class learning with interactive, multimedia-rich Google Forms lesson modules, perfect for reinforcing key chemistry concepts and scientific investigation skills.

Last modified: Jun 30, 2023

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What Are Online Assignments?

Middle School Chemistry’s Interactive Chemistry Lesson Modules are a set of digital resources designed to complement your in-class, inquiry-based chemistry lessons. Originally developed during the pandemic as remote learning tools, these Google Forms modules have been repurposed for the post-pandemic era, providing an engaging and flexible way to support and assess student learning.

You can use Online Assignments for

  • In-class reinforcement: Use the modules during class time to support hands-on activities, providing students with additional context and visuals to enhance understanding.
  • Homework assignments: Assign modules as homework to reinforce concepts covered in class and encourage independent learning.
  • Review and assessment: Utilize the modules as a review tool before exams, enabling students to self-assess their understanding and identify areas for improvement.
  • Flipped classroom: Implement a flipped classroom approach, where students engage with the module content before class and use class time for active learning and discussion.

Google Form  Multimedia-rich content

Google Form  Interactive questions

Google Form  Easy to use and customize

Google Form  Track progress and assess

Google Form  Uses 5-E lesson plan format

How to Use Online Assignments

How to Copy, Edit, and Assign

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  1. Click on a remote learning assignment to copy it to your Google Drive
  2. Do not edit the copy link when you click on it
  3. Create a copy in your Google Drive and make any edits you wish
  4. Click on the “eyeball” symbol at the top right to preview the form and view the videos, which only appear as images in your editable copy
  5. Assign your copy to your students
  6. Students will receive an email with their responses after they submit
  7. Grade student work by clicking on “Responses” at the top of the editable form in your Google Drive

Online Assignments Walkthrough

Check out this short walkthrough to see how you can use these assignments with your students.

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