• Is Middle School Chemistry intended to be used only by teachers or is it to be shown directly to students?

    Middle School Chemistry is intended to be used by teachers. The site should not be shared with students. It is a resource of lesson plans and other material for teachers to facilitate lessons in the classroom.


  • Are there any parts of the site that are shared with students?

    Yes. The teacher should make Student Activity Sheets available to students to use during a lesson. The Student Reading at the end of each chapter can also be made available to students. It is up to the teacher whether to print or make these materials available to students through the school’s learning management system. 

  • Is Middle School Chemistry intended to be used as a full curriculum or as supplemental material? 

    We developed the site with the idea that teachers could look through the lessons and pick and choose activities, molecular illustrations, simulations, or full lessons that work well with their existing curriculum. 

  • Do I need to do all the lessons from a particular chapter to get anything out of it?

    We don't think so. In many cases, you can look through a chapter and pick a lesson that fits well with the topic you are covering in class. Or you could pick a series of two or three related lessons to effectively explore the concept you are teaching.

  • Is there material from Middle School Chemistry translated into Spanish?

    For sure. The entire site is available in Spanish. 

  • Is it ok to take a simulation, video, or illustration from Middle School Chemistry and put it in a PowerPoint or other learning management system to present to students? 

    Absolutely. There are many different ways the components of Middle School Chemistry can be embedded into classroom presentations. We encourage you to experiment with what works best for you and your students. 

  • Are there copyright issues, or is it OK to print out lessons, activity sheets, and other material from Middle School Chemistry?

    It is absolutely ok. Teachers are welcomed and encouraged to print/share whatever they need from the site for classroom use with students. Information about this is on the “Copyright and Credits” page. 

  • About how long should each lesson take?

    While it will vary depending on the class size, grade level, teaching style, and specific lesson, most lessons should take about about 45 minutes. A couple of lessons are suggested for two class periods.

  • If we don’t have enough class time to do certain lessons, is there a way students can do a lesson on their own for homework?

    Yes, there is a section of Online Assignments using Google Forms in which a teacher narration guides students through the experiment using videos and simulations. The student answers questions during the lesson and takes a quiz at the end. Check out a video on how to use the Google Forms in the Online Assignments.

  • Is there a comprehensive list of all the materials I need for the activities somewhere on the website?

    There is. Please visit the materials page to see a list of everything you'll need to complete the lessons from a particular chapter.

  • What kind of goggles should students wear while doing the activities?

    Chemical splash goggles

    Students and instructors should wear chemical splash goggles when performing the experiments in Middle School Chemistry. These goggles let air in but protect the eyes and face from irritation or injury when practicing science.

  • Where can I get chemical splash goggles?

    You can purchase chemical splash goggles from various science suppliers including Flinn Scientific, Carolina Biological Supply, or Amazon. 

  • If I conduct teacher professional development workshops, can I print out material for participating teachers?

    Absolutely. Please include: “Copied with permission from”

  • What about the animations and videos? Can I include these in professional development presentations?

    Yes! However, they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about activities or information on the website?

    Please feel free to contact us for questions about the website. We'd love to hear from you.

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