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Lesson 1.1: Molecules Matter

Accompanying Lesson Plan: Lesson 1.1: Molecules Matter

Particles of a Liquid

  • The little spheres represent water molecules.
  • Molecules are in constant motion.
  • The attractions water molecules have for each other keep them close together.
  • They can move past each other, but their attractions keep them from moving far apart from each other.

Food Coloring in Water

  • The blue food coloring molecules start out close together.
  • The motion of the water molecules and the attraction between the water molecules and the food coloring molecules causes the coloring molecules to spread out in the water.

Youtube ID: 3_7eapgzNpM

Water Balloon

  • Water molecules are so attracted to each other that even after the balloon pops, the water molecules stay together keeping the shape of the balloon.

Water Molecules

  • The circles in this drawing represent water molecules.
  • They are not in any exact order but are near each other because of their attractions.
  • The motion lines near some of the circles show that the molecules are in motion.