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Celebrate Women in Chemistry
Learn about the women who overcame a thick barrier of gender discrimination to reach the heights of scientific investigation and discovery.


Classroom Grant Opportunity for High School Chemistry Teachers
Teachers can request up to $1,500 to enhance their classroom and contribute to chemistry education.
Apply by April 1.

Receive Tuition Assistance While Pursuing Your Teaching Career
The ACS-Hach teacher scholarship awards $3,000−$6,000 annually to help you pursue your dream of becoming a high school chemistry teacher.
Apply by April 1.


Nominations Open for 2015 ACS Fellows
Nominate an ACS member for excellence and leadership in science, education, management, and volunteer service.
Apply by April 1.


News, information, and valuable resources for chemistry educators. Learn more

National Chemistry Week News

Information, promotions, activity ideas, and events for the annual National Chemistry Week celebration.