Workshops and Seminars for Chemistry and Science Educators

High School Chemistry

Enhance your understanding of the high school text, Chemistry in the Community, while gaining instructional tips and techniques for student lab investigations and classroom activities.

Connect students with chemists who share their joy of science and explain chemistry behind every-day experiences and products.

AACT Webinars

The American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) offers free professional development webinars for K-12 teachers of chemistry throughout the school year.  Browse the listing of upcoming and archived webinars.

Higher Education

If you are using the text Chemistry in Context or are planning a new chemistry course to introduce chemistry through the lens of real-world applications, this workshop will provide information on how to tie chemistry concepts, questions, and problems into any chemistry course. Lab work is also included in this workshop.

Faculty Professional Development Workshops

Three different workshops are available to chemistry faculty members:

  • New Faculty Workshops for faculty members at four-year institutions.  These workshops focus on pedagogy and the skills needed to balance teaching, research, and service.  Participants will leave the workshop with a handful of teaching take-aways that incorporate active learning into the classroom.
  • Faculty Workshops for faculty members at two-year colleges.  These workshops focus on developing active learning modules and the unique challenges of teaching at a two-year institution.  Faculty at all stages of their career are welcome.
  • Department Chair Workshops for new department chairs.  This workshop provides new department chairs with resources to be successful in a leadership position, while maintaining a work-life balance.  It includes case studies, advice on budgets, managing staff, time management, learning to delegate, and a host of other essential components to being a department chair.