Two Year College Faculty Workshop

Next workshop:  June 12 - 15 in Ann Arbor, MI

Two year college (2YC) faculty workshops are open to all faculty that teach in two year colleges, including contingent/adjunct faculty.  The focus of the workshop is to develop a community of practitioners interested in integrating active learning modalities into their courses.  The inaugural workshop was held in Washington D.C. at ACS Headquarters in 2023.


Applications available: March 1 - April 30


We limit the number of participants to 30 to ensure that the experience can be tailored to the needs of the participants.  The applications will be evaluated based on the level of interest and experience with active learning modalities.  For the 2024 workshop in Ann Arbor, MI, preference will be given to applicants in the Midwest.

There may be an additional regional workshop scheduled if there is sufficient interest from the community.

If you have questions or if you're interested in being a facilitator, please contact Dr. Ashley Wrenne at ACS.


Once accepted into the workshop, registration must be completed by May 15 to secure lodging for the workshop.

Registration Costs

Lodging, meals, and workshop materials will be provided by ACS.  Participants are expected to cover their travel and parking costs for the workshop.



I enjoyed the work that was done in the workshop and the collegiality. Being able to leave with complete lessons, new ideas, reproducible works, and future networking opportunities is invaluable. This was a great group of professors who are willing to do the work! One of the best workshops I have ever attended.

I really enjoyed the collaboration and idea sharing with fellow chemistry faculty. I love that we can get together and brainstorm topics in our own field of teaching. The presenters were all very good and I was able to take away wonderful examples and tidbits from each session offered.

Workshop Sessions (2023)

  • Designing a Culturally Responsive STEM Curriculum
  • (re)Introduction to Active Learning
  • Planning around active-learning activities not a lecture
  • Assessment: The What, When and How
  • Connecting with Peers Using Active Learning
  • Developing an Active Learning Teaching Take Away
  • 15-Minute Micro Teaching Experience
Group shot of participants
Participants in the first 2YC Faculty Workshop. Washington, D.C. 2023
Woman standing in front of a screen presenting content at a workshop while a seated woman participant listens.
Dr. Dee Dee Allen, from Wake Technical Community College, discussing how to plan courses around active-learning activities rather than lectures. Summer 2023 2YC Faculty Workshop.
Large sticky note that contains participant suggestions for active learning techniques to use in general chemistry.
The workshop starts with a gallery walk where participants share how they use active learning in their teaching. Participants also indicate the content that they would like to teach using active learning. Summer, 2023.