Science Coaches

Science Coaches is a joint American Chemical Society (ACS) and American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) educational outreach initiative dedicated to enhancing science skills in students across the United States. The program pairs chemists (coaches) with AACT teacher members in elementary, middle, and high schools. Coaches accepted into the program will have the opportunity to form a valuable relationship with a teacher by volunteering face-to-face over the course of a school year.

A coach and AACT teacher member partner together for one school year. The coach and teacher may apply together or may apply individually and be matched with someone who is geographically nearby.

We ask that partners meet a minimum of 6 times (about 1–2 hours in length) throughout the school year. Ideally, coaches will visit the school to meet with the teacher and/or students for at least some of those meetings, but virtual meetings are allowed as well.

Through their participation in Science Coaches, the teacher’s school will receive a $550 gift certificate from Flinn Scientific to enhance science education.

Why Become a Science Coach?

Each chemist's experience and enthusiasm for science are valuable contributions to share. Science Coaches can make learning more meaningful by relating concepts to real-world applications while being supportive of a science teacher.


It’s Rewarding
By volunteering as a coach, you are giving back to your community in a new and creative way. You will make a difference in the lives of the teachers and students, whether helping directly with lab demonstrations and experiments or behind the scenes by creating lesson plans.


It Enhances Chemistry Education
By lending your expertise as a coach, you bolster the chemistry knowledge of a teacher and their students to advance science education at that school. Thanks to your participation, your teacher partner in Science Coaches also receives a $550 gift certificate from Flinn Scientific to enhance science education in their classroom.


It’s Easy and Fun
Each partnership is different. Coaches can work directly with the teacher in front of the students, or they can help behind the scenes with lesson planning and lab design. They can also help with science fairs or Chemistry Olympiad, make real-world connections to chemistry, give presentations on their research, organize chemical stockrooms – the program is flexible based on the teacher’s and coach’s goals.  This is an opportunity to be creative and to inspire the next generation of chemists!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone with a chemistry background or expertise who lives in the US (including states, territories, and D.C.) is encouraged to apply as a coach. Past coaches include:

  • Chemistry professionals
  • Chemistry graduate students
  • Chemistry professors
  • Retired or semi-retired professionals
  • Former or retired chemistry teachers

Please note: Current K-12 teachers/administrators and undergraduate students are not eligible to be coaches.

There is no membership requirement for the coach volunteer. The K-12 teacher partner participating in the program must be a current K–12 educator and member of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers.


  • Coaches and teachers must reside in the US (including all states, territories, and D.C.)
  • Coach-teacher partners may not to be married to one another or share finances.
  • A current K-12 teacher or administrator may not serve as a coach for another teacher.
  • Undergraduate students are not eligible to be coaches.
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Are you a K–12 teacher of chemistry interested in participating in Science Coaches? All teachers must be members of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) to participate.