October 15-21, 2023

National Chemistry Week

Topic: Medicinal Chemistry

The Healing Power of Chemistry

National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a public awareness campaign that promotes the value of chemistry in everyday life. ACS members and chemistry enthusiasts celebrate NCW by coordinating events and communicating the importance of chemistry. Read more about NCW.

National Chemistry Week (#ACS_NCW) is celebrated this year during the week of October 15-21, with the theme “The Healing Power of Chemistry.” Chemistry plays a crucial role in formulating the medicines we take when we get sick, developing the vaccinations we roll our sleeves up for, and testing the blood samples that we provide at our doctors’ offices.

The theme recognizes the tremendous advances made by medical professionals and scientists with inspiration from ancient peoples’ habits, from plants and animals in the wild, and from our own bodies’ mechanisms to prevent, fight, heal, and restore us to health. Did you know, currently about 11 percent of all medicines considered “essential” by the World Health Organization (WHO) are derived from flowering plants?

Explore the resources on our pages to learn more about chemistry’s healing power and strengthen local communities as we celebrate National Chemistry Week together.

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