Science Coaches

Enrollment for the 2017-18 school opens May 2017

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What is an ACS Science Coach?

ACS Science Coaches are chemists who volunteer with an AACT teacher member for one school year. Chemists can serve as a Science Coach in two ways:

  • Science Coaches One-on-One: A chemist and AACT teacher member partner for one school year. The Science Coach and teacher select one another and apply together to the program. Or, a chemist or AACT teacher member may apply individually and are matched with a nearby participant (note: this does not guarantee a One-on-One partnership). Partners interact a minimum of six times in one school year. A $500 donation to enhance science education is made to the schools of teachers in Science Coaches One-on-One.

  • Science Coaches Groups: A private, virtual forum comprising one chemist who answers questions, contributes to discussions, and provides chemistry advice to three AACT teacher members. Teachers and chemists are required to interact in the group at least once a month. A donation is unavailable to teachers in a Science Coaches Group.

Teachers in Science Coaches must be a member of AACT.

Chemistry graduate students, professionals and retirees can be a
Science Coach. 

Why I Become a Science Coach?


It's Easy
Being a Science Coach invites the AACT teacher member to identify specific science-related projects and questions for a chemist. There is no need to document visits, activities, or donation expenses.


Science Education Financial Help
The American Chemical Society donates $500 to participating schools in Science Coaches to enhance science education.


It's Credible
Support from the American Chemical Society provides chemists with credibility to educators. With support from an established organization, school administration is more likely to pursue a chemist's offer to volunteer.


  • Chemists and teachers must reside in the United States.
  • Chemist-teacher partners are unable to be married to one another
    or share finances.
  • Chemists and teachers in Science Coaches may only have one partner in Science Coaches One-on-One or particpate in one Science Coach Group.
  • A teacher cannot act as a Science Coach for another science teacher.