Heading into a forensics lab opens up a world of chemistry. Learn about the science behind crime investigations and try some of the techniques for yourself with these links. 

  • Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments
    The cover of this 450-page book says it all—All Lab, No Lecture. Get ready for labs on soil, hair, fingerprinting, and more.
  • Forensic Science Lesson List
    Head into the lab and start investigating the evidence. Can you solve a crime like “The Great Cafeteria Caper”?
  • The Truth Meter
    Telling the truth? Then don’t sweat it! Especially if you’re answering questions while hooked up to this make-your-own “truth meter.”
  • The Forensic Teacher Magazine
    Teach forensic science? There’s a magazine for that! This free issue is a forensic “labapolooza” to teach about bones, autopsies, blood, and more.
  • Forensic Science in High School Chemistry
    Put your observation skills to the test by using this forensic science unit to examine evidence. Which suspect do you think committed the crime?
  • At Your Fingertips
    Are you mainly a loop, whorl, or an arch? What about your classmates? Learn about the information found in fingerprint patterns.
  • Food Dye Forensics Experiment
    Help! Someone’s poisoned one of the sports drinks! Sounds like it’s time to get out the spectrophotometer.
  • Forensics Illustrated—Step Under the Tape
    Resources galore! It’s a complete curriculum for high school forensic science.
  • Forensics in the Classroom
    Six mysteries are waiting. Jump into the scientific testing that will help you determine “whodunit.”
  • Eye Wonder: Powder Lab
    Who stole the cake? Follow the trail of the white powders to find out.

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Forensic Chemistry Lab
Visit a forensic chemist’s lab and see what she does during a typical day.

  • Mixed Reception
    A mysterious death… Was it murder? Interview suspects, investigate the crime scene, and analyze evidence using this video-based activity.
  • Use Super Glue To Reveal Latent Fingerprints
    Dig out your tube of Super Glue from the back of the cupboard and try this popular method of visualizing fingerprints.

Go behind the scenes of real-life crimes and learn about how chemistry was used to investigate these cases.

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