ACS Project SEED 2023 Donor Report

As we celebrate Project SEED’s 55th year, we can attribute its success and longevity to the support of donors like you and the enthusiasm and dedication of hundreds of volunteer mentors and coordinators who work tirelessly with students at the local level. 

Because of the commitment of ACS members, many bright students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be better positioned to achieve their academic and professional goals. As we continue to work together, we will ensure that the next generation is equipped to tackle challenges and seize new opportunities that we cannot yet begin to imagine.

We want to acknowledge the important role you have played in this journey. And we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to partner with you to bring the wonders of chemistry to students who might not otherwise experience it. With your support, we will continue to empower and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders and innovators. Thank you! 

Learn more about your impact by downloading our 2023 donor report.