Picking the Right Screening Strategy
April 30, 2015

ACS Landmark: The Keeling Curve
Mauna Loa Observatory
April 30, 2015

ACS Landmark: Kelly Pneumatic Iron Process
Eddyville and Murray, Kentucky
May 11, 2015

Central/Great Lakes Regional Meeting
Grand Rapids, MI
May 27-30, 2015

ACS Landmark: The Keeling Curve
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
June 12, 2015

Northwest Regional Meeting
Pocatello, ID
June 21-24, 2015


You can make me in base but not in acid.
What molecule am I?

It’s Gold; It’s Magic
“Magic” gold nanoclusters (MAuNCs) are more stable than smaller or larger ones. The three methylbenzenethiol isomers form varying sizes of MAuNCs.

Nano Letters

Formic Acid Made Easily
Reducing CO2 with NaBH4 to make formate was first explored in the 1950s. Here, it proceeds under pressure with no catalyst to make formic acid.


Theranostic Nanoparticles
Optically labeled thermosensitive liposomes can deliver an antitumor drug while providing simultaneous imaging of nanoparticle biodistribution.

Molecular Pharmaceutics