Congratulations to ACS member Aziz Sancar on winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry! Read the ACS President’s message about this prestigious Prize.

On behalf of the American Chemical Society (ACS), President Diane Grob Schmidt, Ph.D., congratulates today’s winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


I may further devastate the bee population.
What molecule am I?

C&EN/ACS Publications Highlights

Potent Catechol Diethers
Catechol diether compounds effectively target HIV reverse transcriptase variants that are highly resistant to other non-nucleoside inhibitors.

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Biomedical Stars
These well-defined, three-arm star-shaped polyglutamates have pharmacokinetic profiles that make them strong candidates for biomedical applications.

Molecular Pharmaceutics

Savory-Taste Modulators
Two cinnamoyl phenethylamines from certain shrubs and weedy plants can modulate the umami (savory) taste of monosodium glutamate without the side effects.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry