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Why Is Pd Sulfated, but Not Pt?
Thermodynamics and phase diagrams help the authors discover why sulfur oxides poison palladium, but not platinum, catalysts.

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

MERS versus SARS Coronavirus Proteases
Inhibitor recognition specificity of a Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus protease may differ from that of SARS-CoV.

ACS Chemical Biology

Graphene: A new tool for fighting cavities and gum disease?
Dental diseases is among the most common health problems in the world.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Ligand Choice Affects Photocatalysis
Varying the halide ligand in polyazine-bridged Ru–Rh complexes offers insight into photocatalytic H2 production from water.

Inorganic Chemistry

Improving Bacterial Biosynthesis 
Re-engineering improves the biosynthesis of hydroxyphenylglycine, a building block for a bacterium-derived antibiotic

ACS Synthetic Biology

Uncovering the effects of cooking, digestion on gluten and wheat allergens in pasta
New clues to how the grain’s proteins change when cooked and digested.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry


I have no six-membered rings, but I’m aromatic.
What molecule am I?