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Chemistry of Summer

It’s sun, sand, and science! Learn about the chemistry of summer.

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Activity Ideas

Volunteer in Your Community

  • Plan a Blood Drive
  • Conduct a school-wide recycling effort
  • Provide academic tutoring
  • Pick up trash at a local park, beach, or lake

Invite a Guest Speaker

Raise Money to Support Your Club

  • Duct Tape a Teacher
    During a lunch hour or a sports event in the gymnasium, sell strips of duct tape to duct tape a teacher to the wall. The teacher stands on a chair to start, and students buy strips of duct tape to tape him or her to the wall. Once there’s enough tape to hold them up, remove the chair.
  • Kiss a Senior Goodbye
    Invite students, teachers, staff, and parents to give seniors a sweet send-off in the form of chocolate kiss candies and a personal message. On the chosen date, Hershey’s Kiss candies could be placed in small bags with messages attached, and delivered to the recipients.
  • Flowers
    Sell flowers for Mother’s Day, homecoming, or another special occasion. Order from your local market a few weeks in advance and try to negotiate special pricing. Use ribbon tied around each flower to attach student-designed cards.
More Fundraising Ideas

Remember to take photos and share

Photographs and written accounts of club activities are a great way to showcase your club in your school yearbook, advertise to recruit more students, and demonstrate pride in your interest in chemistry.

If you would like to be featured on the ACS website or share your activities with the community, please email ACS requires a Student Photo Release form for photographs to be posted on the website or used in any print material.

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