Chemistry and the Environment

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Chemistry and the Environment covers a lot of ground, from climate science to water to recycling. Learn more with these links, including the Earth's ozone layer, greenhouse gases, forming a stream team, making a mini ocean model, recycling your old phone, and more.

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  • Seawater Acid-Base Chemistry
    Teachers take note! This marine unit was designed with high school chemistry classes in mind.
  • Environmental Resources for Educators
    No need to thirst for more water resources. Take a look at this collection—click on the Water tab. Or, explore more!
  • Water Diary
    Did you take a short or long shower today? Did you wash your clothes? Keep track of how much water you use in a week.
  • Stream Team
    Put together your dream stream team to monitor the health of local waterways with this guide.
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch
    It’s not just trash talk—it’s really out there in the North Pacific. And it’s even bigger than they thought.
  • The Flint Water Crisis
    What would you do if foul smelling, odd tasting, orange colored water were all that you could get from your tap?
  • Water Chemists
    What does a water chemist do? Where do they spend their days? How much school do they need? Find out here.
  • Salt Harvesting
    Seawater can make your food taste better. Learn how the water gets removed and leaves behind gourmet-style salt.
  • More on Dehydrated Water
    For a little chemistry humor, take a look at this discussion of dehydrated water—available in pill form and in cans. Just add water…

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  • The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry
    It's not easy being green. This summary of the twelve principles of green chemistry at least gives us a start.
  • Virtual Lab - Composting
    How's your composting know-how? Set up this virtual pile and let it run. Then, adjust a variable and try again.
  • Growing Green Death Trend
    One state is about to offer a new choice of how you can deal with deceased human remains. Composting will soon be on the list.
  • Plastic Bags
    How do you take your food home—paper, plastic, or reusable bags? Work with data and see how you measure up.
  • The Chemistry of Biodegradable Plastics
    PLA. TPS. PHA. These letters can ease your impact on the environment. See how with this infographic.

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