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Chemistry Careers

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Love chemistry? Turn it into a career! Explore the wide range of careers that use chemistry in some way. Get started with these links and suggestions.

College to Career
Check out different chemistry careers, meet chemists in the real world, and see where chemistry can take you!

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  • Visit a local lab, university, or other job location, such as a water treatment plant or crime laboratory, for a tour.
  • Shadow someone in a chemistry-related career for a day or two to observe the profession firsthand.
  • Invite several people involved in different chemistry-related careers to a Club meeting for a panel discussion. Each panel member could briefly describe his or her job and answer student questions.
  • Invite someone involved in a chemistry-related career to a Club meeting for a longer presentation, where they could possibly demonstrate what they do. Invite someone from your ACS local section! Find your local section.
  • Have Club members survey people in the community to ask “Do you use chemistry in your job? How?”
  • Explore the different Technical Divisions within ACS
  • Maintain a bulletin board or binder profiling different careers in the chemical field.

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