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Chemistry Postage Stamps

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Chemistry is the star of these postage stamps. Explore how different countries have highlighted science using this small, sticky space!

  • Chemophilately
    These stamps help your letter get to where it’s going, but can highlight chemistry too. This overview hits the highlights.
  • Postage Stamps as Cultural Icons in the IYC
    This presentation is a stamp/chemistry motherlode! From alchemy to specific scientists to the periodic table and more, this is the place.
  • Stamps International
    Link chemistry to stamps from all over the world with this series of over 40 articles.
  • A Postage Stamp Honoring Marie Curie
    Marie Curie’s accomplishments live on in this 2011 stamp. Use it to link history and chemistry.
  • A Postage Stamp About the Periodic Table
    This might be the smallest periodic table you’ll ever see. Learn how to use it as a teaching tool.
  • Signed and Stamped
    This high school teacher used stamps and autographs to bring chemistry to life.
  • Going Postal over Structural Errors
    Oops! There might be chemistry on stamps, but that doesn’t mean the chemistry is always accurate.

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