Heading into a forensics lab opens up a world of chemistry. Learn about the science behind crime investigations and try some of the techniques for yourself with these links. 

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  • Illustrated Guide to Home Forensic Science Experiments
    The cover of this 450-page book says it all—All Lab, No Lecture. Get ready for labs on soil, hair, fingerprinting, and more.
  • Forensic Science Lesson List
    Head into the lab and start investigating the evidence. Can you solve a crime like “The Great Cafeteria Caper”?
  • The Truth Meter
    Telling the truth? Then don’t sweat it! Especially if you’re answering questions while hooked up to this make-your-own “truth meter.”
  • The Forensic Teacher Magazine
    Teach forensic science? There’s a magazine for that! This free issue is a forensic “labapolooza” to teach about bones, autopsies, blood, and more.
  • At Your Fingertips
    Are you mainly a loop, whorl, or an arch? What about your classmates? Learn about the information found in fingerprint patterns.

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