Holiday Chemistry

candy cane in a bottle

Pick a fun science project for the holidays! Prepare a chemistry-related ornament for your own tree or for a classroom “chemis-tree.” Marble paper for gift wrap. Sing a chemistry carol. Decide if you’d like to eat a “variegated disaccharide ‘J’ tube,” and lots more. 

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  • Christmas Bulb Chromatography Ornaments
    “Deck the hall with bulbs of color. Fa la la la la la la la la. Made with ink and a solvent water. Fa la la la la la la la la.”
  • ElementsCubed
    Check out the ornaments this Etsy store has sold for inspiration. What does each cube ornament contain?
  • Crystal Snowflake Ornaments
    Forget brewing coffee with those filters—make a beautiful crystal snowflake instead.
  • Elemental Ornaments
    Elements become ornaments! See how these students interpreted the properties of their elements.
  • Slime Ornaments
    Slime on your tree? Yes! Mix up a batch of your favorite oozy goo to put in fillable ornaments.

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  • Santa Slime Recipe
    Why settle for ordinary slime when you can make holiday slime? Try these recipes for Santa and Grinch slimes.
  • Case #1225: Case of the Christmas Cookie Mystery
    Help out the North Pole Bureau of Investigations by identifying the mixed-up white powders Mrs. Claus needs to bake her sugar cookies.
  • Poinsettia pH Paper
    Tired of plain old pH paper? Make your own (holiday style!) using poinsettia plants.
  • Crystal Frost Window Paint
    Either Jack Frost came to visit, or you’ve found this recipe for window paint. Grab some Epsom salt and get started!
  • Holiday Chemistry Webinar
    Take a whirlwind tour of holiday chemistry activities, along with how they can tie into what you’re teaching/learning.

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