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Space Science

space shuttle launch


Reach for the stars and learn some chemistry along the way!

Launch your study of space science with ideas from these links. Explore what it would take to survive on Mars, watch a game of liquid ping pong in space, see what other students have done with rockets, make your own spectrometer, and more.

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  • Imagine the Universe!
    NASA isn’t just about sending stuff out into space—they want to help you learn about space too. Get started with this collection of lesson plans.
  • Project Spectra!
    You won’t have to put on a spacesuit to explore the solar system—this series of activities takes you there as you learn about how light helps us learn.
  • The Dark Side of the Universe
    Come… to the dark side. Of the universe, that is. This Scientific American Frontiers episode is packed with star stuff.
  • Stanford Solar Center
    Learning centers around the sun at the Solar Center, right? A long list of lessons for all ages!
  • How to Find a Meteorite in 5 Steps
    Up there in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a… meteorite? Learn how to track down these elusive samples from the solar system.

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  • A Dusty Dilemma
    NASA even studies the dust that hits its spacecraft. What makes collecting this data tricky?
  • October Sky
    Encourage your students to reach for the stars! Use the book Rocket Boys to motivate students to launch their study of rocket science.
  • The Martian: Popular Fiction Plus Chemistry
    Gripping fiction. Gripping science. See how Andy Weir’s The Martian can find a place in the chemistry classroom.
  • Mars Solar Bag
    This solar bag science demo went 120,000 feet up and may someday make it to Mars.
  • Surviving on Mars
    Have you got what it takes to survive on the Red Planet? NASA is trying to make it possible.
  • Growing Green on the Red Planet
    If humans become temporary Martians, they’ll need food to put on the menu. Will we be able to go green?
  • Astrochemistry Careers
    This career is out of this world! Learn more about what astrochemists do.
  • What Is the Moon Made of?
    They give you a hint: not cheese. Get to the core of this question with an infographic created to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.
  • Fungi in Outer Space
    Seriously stressed out fungi could be a source of new medicines. A few are heading to space.
  • 12 Cool Experiments Done on the ISS
    What if your lab space was literally in space? Read about a dozen unusual experiments done on the International Space Station.

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