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Chemistry of Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty
sparkia | Dollarphotoclub


The food on the Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to just be a tasty meal—it can teach us chemistry too. Read and experiment with your Thanksgiving meal.

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  • Thanksgiving Table Tricks at Steve Spangler Science
    Entertain the kids around your Thanksgiving table with some of these fun table tricks. 
  • Re-Use the Turkey Thermometer
    Ever wondered if you could reuse that red pop-up button thermometer again? Here's your chance to find out!
  • From Sauce to Solid: The Science of Cranberry Condiments
    Try out different consistencies of cranberry sauce, all in the name of science.
  • Thanksgiving Experiments
    Potatoes, wishbones & indigestion don't sound like a fun Thanksgiving, but they are part of some fun experiments!

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  • Bend a Bone with Vinegar
    Bones normally snap in two like the wishbone. Can you make the bone bend, instead of break?
  • Marshmallow Man
    Use any leftover marshmallows to create a statue, the put it in a glass bell jar with a vacuum pump and see what happens to your marshmallow man.
  • Fried Green Egg Food Science Project
    Be like Sam-I-am this holiday and eat green eggs ham!
  • How to Make a Fruit Battery
    Amaze your friends and family this holiday by turning on a light bulb with a citrus fruit.
  • Potato Clock
    Power a clock with a potato.

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