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Valentines Day Chemistry

chocolate wrapped candy


Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day! Check out these links for ideas to celebrate it chemistry-style. You can make science-themed valentines, create a borax crystal heart, learn a valentine demo to share with your sweetheart, and more.

  • Chemistry Valentines
    Delve into your creative side—design your own valentines with chemistry-related sayings and poems.
  • Printable Chemistry Valentines
    Does your valentine shine like a carbon allotrope? Find this and other free chemistry valentines—ready to print and share!
  • Goldenrod Valentines
    Why send your sweetie an ordinary valentine when you can give them a color-changing one? It’s all courtesy of chemistry.
  • Valentine's Day Cards Fit for Geeks
    For when a typical Valentine card won’t do. Check out the science-themed cards in this collection.
  • Geek Love: Send a #Chemvalentine To Show 'Em You Care
    It’s the Top 20 #Chemvalentines to woo your science sweetie.
  • 12 Science Valentines
    Still looking for the perfect way to say, “I love you”? Plenty of ideas here, including one done science-fair-style.

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  • The Colour and Aroma of Roses
    Give a friend a dozen of these… chemical compounds.
  • Eternity Roses
    These flowers won’t last an actual eternity, but it’s still pretty long. How do they stay looking fresh?
  • The Sweet Scent of Success
    A bottle of perfume takes the right chemistry, but sometimes it also needs a little luck.
  • Attar of Roses
    Give your sweetheart a rose for Valentine’s Day. Or… just buy one for yourself and try this experiment.
  • Colored Flowers
    Let them know you care with flowers. But don’t forget the chemistry twist—color them first using a classic capillary action experiment.
  • Paper Chromatography with Valentine's Day Flowers
    Have your valentine flowers left behind only dried up petals and a memory of the day? Let the petals keep on giving with this chemistry activity.

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