Science of Beverages

coffee beans

What would you like? Coffee? Water? Soda? It’s all here as you learn about the science of beverages. Explore the solubility of gas in soda with a root beer fountain, find out what gives coffee its enticing aroma, and more.

  • The Root Beer Fountain
    This soda demo uses aluminum, but not how you might expect. Get ready for a soda eruption!
  • The Collapsing Can
    The science doesn’t end when the beverage can is empty! Try this quick demo with an aluminum can.
  • Sinking Soda Surprise
    Pull your favorite soda from a cooler of water and ice. Was it floating or sinking? And why?
  • Sewer Lice
    Should students believe everything they hear or see? Use this soda and raisin demo to discuss observations and inferences.
  • Bubbly Soda Science
    Serve up a personalized soda with just the right amount of fizz, flavor, and sweetness. All it takes is a little experimentation.

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