Chemistry of Summer

sand castle
  • How do sunscreens help prevent skin damage?
  • Is there any way to get a “safe” tan?
  • What’s the best sand-to-water ratio for building sandcastles?
  • How can chemistry keep mosquitoes from biting me?

Answer these questions and more as you explore the science of summer!

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Youtube ID: 10EnRI80zvk

  • Strong Sand
    The pressure of these particles can protect something very delicate. Challenge a friend to see!
  • Liquid Sand
    A bin of sand turns into a liquid-looking lake of particles, but without water. How?
  • The World Is Running Out of Sand
    After a day at the beach, it seems like there’s sand everywhere. Could we actually be running out of this resource?
  • Wet Sand vs. Dry Sand
    Use your calculator and temperature sensors to collect data during a sand showdown.
  • How Does Sand Get Its Color?
    Red, orange, pink, white, black, purple, green. Where does the color come from?

Youtube ID: 4IajiagL25E

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