Outer Space Molecule Chase


The astronauts have left and Space Station Seven is in chaos!

Our hero Linus — a genetically modified rat — has knowledge of chemistry and a thirst for adventure! Can one rat make a difference? Can he escape the station and save the world?

The Objective

Guide Linus through mazes on different levels to escape Space Station Seven, go to an asteroid, and save the world! Linus has a futuristic molecular replicator to create common substances that will help him overcome obstacles on each level.

Your job is to collect a certain number of different atoms  to make molecules that will help him get through barriers in the maze.

But watch out for sanitation bots, aliens, and shockers if you want to keep Linus alive!

Game Controls

Use your mouse to direct our hero, Linus through the space station.

To collect elements simply run into the atoms that float about the maze.

Run into atoms as they float around the space station to collect them. The number of each atom collected is shown in the "Atoms Collected" area of the side panel.

Combine Atoms to make Molecules

To create a molecule, make sure you have the right number of each atom and then select the correct “Create Molecule” button for the molecule you are trying to make.

Create molecules to solve challenges in your path

You can then use that molecule to overcome an obstacle in the space station.

Click the molecule you need to pass the obstacle to create in the side panel.

When you get to the obstacle, click the button for the molecule you created to pass the obstacle.  

Make-believe vs. Reality

Atoms are colored spheres floating around Space Station Seven.
Real atoms are extremely small and Linus could not possibly see them. The colored spheres in the game represent a large supply of that atom. For example, the red sphere for oxygen could represent a tank of oxygen.

Linus collects atoms to make molecules.
In the real world, chemists don’t take single atoms and put them together to make individual molecules of a new substance. Instead, they mix substances that have huge numbers of atoms which react to make huge numbers
of molecules.

Linus uses the molecule to overcome the obstacle.
One molecule of a substance doesn’t have the characteristics of that substance. For example, one molecule of water ( H20) would not be liquid and would not put out a fire. The idea is that Linus collects a large number of the type of atom (the element) he needs and uses a molecular replicator, that doesn’t exist yet, to create a large quantity of the molecule (the compound) he needs to overcome the obstacle.