The Secret Science of Stuff



Why is gum chewy? What helps make the bubbles in bubble gum?  Chew on the answers in Gum!

What’s the fizz in soda, and why does it shoot out of cans?  Look for the answers in Soda Pop!

How can a candle wick burn for so long? Where does all the candle wax go? See the light in Flames!

What are braces made of? What do braces and satellites have in common?  Get your answers straight in Braces!

What makes ice cream so smooth? Did you know it takes more than a freezer to make ice cream cold?

How strong can glue be? What's tape made from? Find the answers to these sticky questions and many more!  

What’s inside a popcorn kernel? What makes popcorn pop?

What is pencil “lead” made from? Why does the lead from pencils seem slippery? How do erasers work?

How small is an atom, or a water molecule? So small that 600 billion trillion water molecules will fit in a tablespoon! Take a look to see how huge that number really is!

What makes a rubber ball bounce? Why is rubber good for sneakers and bike tires? The motion’s in the molecules!

What is a bubble made of? What makes the colors on a bubble? How big can a bubble get? Learn about bubbles – no troubles!

How do taste buds work? How do we smell stuff? Do smell and taste work together? Learn how molecules, nerves, and brain power help us smell and taste!