The Secret Science of BUBBLES

How big can a bubble get?

The biggest bubbles are made with two sticks and a loop of string between them. Using special bubble solution, a large thin film of solution is made in the loop. Then the loop is then pulled through the air to form a giant bubble!

Huge bubble
Small connected bubbles on a finger

How can you make bubbles last longer?

The secret to making bubbles that last longer is to add something to the solution to make the water evaporate more slowly. Sugar or a substance called glycerin can do the trick! There is even a bubble solution made from a type of plastic that makes bubbles that you can catch on your finger without popping!


Can you make one bubble inside another?

The easiest way to make a bubble inside another bubble is to pour some bubble solution in a large plastic plate. Use a straw to gently blow one big bubble that fills the plate. Then poke the straw through the bubble and gently blow another bubble inside of it.

A bubble inside of another bubble