The Secret Science of Ice Cream

Why does ice cream float in an ice cream soda?          

Ice cream has a lot of fat which floats, and ice crystals which float, and a lot of air which definitely floats. Those ingredients help make ice cream a great floater!


If you refreeze melted ice cream, why is it never as good as it was before?

When the ice cream melts, the liquid ice cream fills up the air pockets. When it refreezes, there are fewer air pockets, so the ice cream is less airy and fluffy. The other reason is that when the ice cream melts, the original tiny ice crystals melt. Refreezing the ice cream makes larger ice crystals which makes the ice cream too crunchy.

Why does some ice cream seem creamier than others?

It’s the fat. The milk fat in ice cream is mostly what gives ice cream that creamy rich taste and feeling in your mouth. The creamiest ice creams have about 16% fat and the least creamy have about 10% fat.