'C' is for Crystals

Carlita went out shopping
With baby brother, Tom,
Looking for a birthday gift—
A big surprise for Mom.

They found a crystal necklace,
So shiny and so bright.
They knew that Mom would love it
It was a pretty sight!

But when they saw the price tag,
They knew what they must do.
They started making crystals,
And now they have a slew!

How does Carlita make her crystals?

Crystals are substances made of tiny particles that fit together in a pattern that repeats itself. A crystal will have a certain number of flat sides, sharp edges, and pointy comers. Examples of crystals include sugar, snowflakes (ice crystals), diamonds, and salts, such as the Epsom salt in this activity. When the water used to dissolve the Epsom salt evaporates, the salt particles arrange themselves into a repeating pattern to form beautiful crystals.