'N' is for Nose

Norbert sleeps the whole day through
And looks for food at night.
His special nose is handy,
Because there is no light.

So Norbert can sniff turnips,
Which grow below the ground,
He has a great schnozzola
The longest one around.

His nose is so amazing,
That he can always tell
Where he can find the turnips
From just their turnip smell!

How can Norbert find food from just its smell?

Norbert can smell things he cannot see because very tiny particles from those things are being carried in the air. When Norbert inhales, some of these tiny particles are carried up into his nose. Special parts inside his nose detect those particles and send a signal to his brain which recognizes the signal and tells him what he is smelling. Norbert finds food by moving in the direction where the smell is stronger.