'S' is for Shadow

'S' is for Shadow

Shirley gives a puppet show
For kids at all the schools.
At Halloween her puppets
Are goblins, ghosts, and ghouls.

The puppets Shirley uses
Aren’t in the show at all.
Instead you see their shadows,
Way high upon the wall.

One of Shirley’s puppets is
A creature, small and lean.
See what Shirley does with him
To make him big and mean!

How does Shirley make her shadows look so big?

The size of a shadow depends on three things: the size of the object, how far the object is from the light, and how far the object is from the surface where the shadow appears. With the object close to the flashlight, the farther Shirley holds her object (and flashlight) from the wall, the larger the shadow cast.